Modern Healing for
Dynamic Humans

Reconfiguring the way individuals and their support groups deal with complex autoimmune challenges.

About Us

Our mission

To modernize healing for dynamic entrepreneurs and solutions builders dealing with complex health challenges.

Our platform

Stratosphere is a personalized healing system that combines the wisdom of a person’s healing community with technology tools for crowdsourced wellness plans, dynamic health profiles and tracking and smart community connections.

Our founding team

Michelle Martin and Phil Kohn are co-founders and co-CEOs of Stratosphere. 

Michelle is an accomplished and spirited wellbeing innovator who generates and accelerates early-stage health and wellness projects on the West Coast. An entrepreneurial polyglot with a deep commitment to systems change, she actively deploys her knowledge of technology, health, and human development into Whole Human Projects that matter. She brings a decade of startup leadership to Stratosphere, having been cofounder and former executive board member of Ethelo Decisions and cofounder and CEO of ArtsAlly Media Inc., where she led the acquisition of the former art marketplace to Kabuni Technologies. She’s also led and advised a number of health and wellbeing startups, from non-profits to personal performance platforms. She is passionate about opportunities for solution builders to harness collective intelligence and build radically inclusive products. Her focus is the innovation landscape that supports emotional wellbeing, mental health and human thriving, from the Sea to Sky to San Francisco. She is an alumni of the Palo Alto-based Transformative Technology Academy and co-produces the Whole Human Summit in Vancouver.

In a past life, Phil was a Wall Street banker whose subsequent role in international business development led to relocating to China for Mandarin language immersion. A series of intricate events led to his Lyme Disease diagnosis coupled with several exacerbating variables, eventually amounting to a challenging and complex invisible illness. He has acquired a deep understanding and appreciation of mental health and how it is affected by toxins in air, water, food and everyday household devices/products. When Phil is not flowing at the local yoga yard, practicing Vipassana or mumbling about in Mandarin, he's likely nerding out about planes, drones or sports cars. Phil is also a co-founder of Cadence Translate, a 500 Startups-backed venture started in Beijing, now providing top-tier language services to the global business and investment community. 

Become an Early Adopter

Follow us as we build tools to dramatically improve the lives of people with complex autoimmune and invisible illnesses. Stay tuned for updates and opportunities to beta test emerging technology utilizing cutting edge integrative health insights, group wellness planning processes and adherence frameworks for whole body and mind healing.